Our Best Plant-Based BBQ Recipes For July 4th

Happy Birthday America! On this day, four score and umpteen years ago, our Founding Fathers declared independence from Britain. It’s an especially important day for us here at Wicked because our own founders Derek and Chad Sarno are American brothers from New England who went on to establish Wicked Kitchen as the #1 vegan food brand in Britain then brought the brand back to America. Yeah, we know it’s complicated. Bottom line: we love both America and Britain, and we’re stoked to share the joy of eating plants with both Americans and British people! Plus, we’re loco for smoky barbecue (Chad lives in Austin, Texas), one of the hallmarks of Independence Day celebrations in America, along with good ol’ Independence Day fireworks (did we mention we’re pyromaniacs too?) concerts (and music lovers?) carnivals (we love clowning around) and not least of all, family reunions (we adore our mamas and papas and brothas and sistas and the whole fam family!).

Today is the day to celebrate American freedom in all its forms. us website No matter where you’re from, freedom is something worth honoring–and keeping! That’s one reason why millions of Americans fire up their grills on July 4th, gather around the fire, and cook all manner of burgers, dogs, steaks, corn on the cob, and other assorted grillables. This year, take freedom a step further. Try something new! If you’ve never had a mushroom steak, why not indulge in our game-changing Maitake BBQ Skirt Steaks. Or sink your teeth into our thick Spicy Vegan Double Cheeseburger. That burger is so easy to make and so good. To cool off, enjoy a Wicked Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich. Or just pick up some of our Wicked Kitchen Chocolate Almond Sticks, Berry White Sticks, or Chocolate & Red Berry Cones. Either way, we’ve got plenty of Wicked plant-based recipes and foods to keep you and your crew satisfied through the entire July 4th holiday. Cheers!


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