Plant-based Ice Cream Never Tasted so Good.

Literally... it hasn't

Our dairy-free ice cream is impossibly creamy with a mind-blowing taste that’s unmatched by any other plant-based frozen treat. Just in time for summer cookouts and sweet indulgent moments, our chef-crafted, 100% vegan pints and hand-held sticks and cones are now available at 2,200 Kroger stores across the U.S.


They said we’d grow out of video games. Skating. Stupid swimming pool tricks. And ice cream cones.​ They were flat out wrong.​ Long live Tetris, rolling wheels, cannonballs, and indulging in a sweet cold treat on a hot summer day. But now that we’re adults, let’s make that ice cream taste even more amazing and make it 100% plant based—because protecting the planet and animals is something we’ve always been down with.


Stay Wicked cool

We just released 2 new ice cream flavors—Birthday Cake pints and S’mores Cones! Now with 5 pint-sized ice cream flavors and 4 novelty cones and sticks, Wicked Kitchen has something for everyone. What’s our secret to plant-based ice cream with incredible creaminess and zero aftertaste? The lupin bean. Find out more about this game-changing ingredient.

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