Smoky BBQ Street Style Tofu

smoky bbq tofu

People are always asking for “protein” foods. Well, here ya go. This smoky baked tofu is easy to make, super satisfying, and packed with protein. It’s got a melty, cheesy top crust and a crisp, savory bottom crust. Serve it with garlicky green beans and chips, mashed potatoes, rice, or Asian style noodles. We don’t […]

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Steaks

lions mane mushroom steak

When we gave up meat, we didn’t want to give up any flavor. And we didn’t want to abandon the whole process of searing steaks in a hot pan. It’s fun! This technique of pressing and searing mushrooms gives you the same satisfaction as a cook and as a food lover. Lion’s manes are the […]

Fried Vegan “Clam” Rolls

wicked vegan clam roll

Temple of Seitan is an amazing spot for vegan fried chick’n sandwiches, wraps, wings and more. They have several London locations and co-owner, Rebecca McGuinness, was gracious enough to join us in the Wicked Kitchen. We combined her frying prowess and the flavors of New England fried seafood to make these vegan fried “clam” rolls. […]

Wild Mushroom Gravy

wild mushroom gravy plant based recipe

Use any mushroom you like here… this wild mushroom gravy recipe will not disappoint.

Potato Wellington With “Turkey” Gravy

potato wellington turkey gravy

Need a showstopper main dish for the holidays? We got you. How about a thick medallion of buttery crisp puff pastry wrapped around a super savory potato mash topped with chewy King oyster mushroom “turkey” and creamy kick ass gravy? Here’s the best thing: you can make most of it ahead then assemble and bake on the big day.

Kick Ass Gravy Plant-Based Recipe

wicked ktichen kick ass gravy

Here’s a basic recipe for kick ass gravy to keep in your back pocket: creamy savory gravy that livens up anything you pour it over. Try it with our Potato Wellington and “Turkey” Gravy. Or just spoon it over a side of potato mash. Or serve it with our Wicked Little Brats for a satisfying […]

King Oyster Mushroom “Turkey”

king oyster mushroom turkey

The mighty King oyster has many guises. He can play the part of chicken satay—spicy, chewy and satisfying. He can slip into the role of elegant seared scallops. Here he becomes tender, thick pieces of savory turkey. Serve them with our Wicked Potato Wellington. Or as an open face sandwich on toast with our Kick Ass Gravy. Or make a turkey wrap for lunch.