Our Best Plant-Based Chinese New Year Recipes

truffle dumplings

About two billion people celebrate Chinese New Year around the world, also known as Lunar New Year. It kicks off on the first full moon after the winter solstice, which is on February 10 this year—the year of the Dragon! Food is always a huge part of the celebrations.

What should you eat on Chinese New Year? Try plant-based dumplings. Their shape resembles ancient Chinese money, so they’re symbols of wealth and prosperity in the new year. Noodles are perfect too. They symbolize long life. Dig into a plant-based Chinese noodle stir-fry or noodle soup. Don’t forget niangao, a classic Chinese New Year treat. These sweet glutinous rice cakes symbolize increasing prosperity over time. Tangerines and oranges are also popular because they are symbols of good luck. You might even receive one as a gift!

Red envelopes are another traditional gift at Chinese New Year. They’re usually given to children and unmarried adults. And they’re filled with actual money!

No, we’re not Chinese. We’re a couple of Italian-American white dudes from New England. But our mama, Bev Sarno, took a deep dive into Chinese cuisine and culture when we were kids, and it left a lasting impression. Mama Sarno is the reason we make so many plant-based dumplings and noodle dishes. And stir-fries. And spring rolls. Plant-based Chinese food just tastes so dang good! Join us in celebrating Lunar New Year by making some of our favorite recipes!



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