Easy Vegan Meal Prep: Weeknight Dinner Solved

easy vegan meal prep recipe ideas

Back-to-school time doesn’t have to be stressful. Keep it light and super-delicious with a little weekend meal prep. We got you covered!”

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We have kids of our own, so we know back-to-school time is a busy time for parents. Heck, after summer vacations, back to work time is busy for everybody. Here’s your guide to getting ahead of the weeknight dinner rush. A little meal prep goes a long way toward enjoying quick meals like BBQ Roasted Tofu With Rice And Veg, Vegan Chinese Takeaway, and Mediterranean Vegetable and Bean Stew. Make some rice or other grains on the weekend and you’ll thank yourself all week. We even have a whole class on keeping your kids Wicked Healthy, including tips on cooking with them in the kitchen and making packed lunches, snacks, and no-brainer dinners that kids love!

Easy, Quick Vegan Meal Preps

Make-Ahead Sauces

Make-ahead sauces are essential to the plan. Keep your family happy by keeping some basic sauces like Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce, Basil and Pumpkin Seed Pesto, and Nana’s Red Sauce in the fridge or freezer. That sauce page also includes a video of our favorite prep tips developed from years in busy, hot restaurant kitchens. Find out the easy way to peel ginger, how to keep guacamole from turning brown, and much more!

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