6 Wicked Basics: Home Made Sauces

Top 6 Wicked Sauces

A Wicked home-made sauce adds life to even the most basic store cupboard dishes! Limit those trips to the shops by taking the DIY route and you’ll not only make something healthier and save money, but you’ll be delivering on taste too. Plus all of these are free from animals, so you’re doing our fellow creatures, the planet, and yourself a favour every time you make them. Bonus! None of these require expert chef techniques, so let’s jump in and get going.

Take a look at what you have in the cupboards, or fridge/freezer and see which of these sauces might add a special something to your meal!

BBQ Sauce

A kick-ass spicy, sweet, and smokey versatile sauce to bring something special to your BBQs this summer (and beyond!). Chad teaches the basic foundations with a perfect BBQ sauce recipe, so you can get creative and layer it up with your own favourite flavours.

Nana’s Red Sauce

Just like our nana used to make! Our nana was a second-generation Italian American who lived in Billerica, Massachusetts. This classic red sauce is slow simmered, and the flavors are layered one by one. No-one should be buying their red sauce in a tin when it’s this easy and delicious to make quickly at home! Perfect with spaghetti.


You can’t beat a fresh pesto, bursting with flavour! We subbed parmesan for nutritional yeast in this one. Another one that works great with staples like pasta – find our Pesto Pasta recipe right here.


For the spice lovers! If you do anything during lockdown, make sure you master a good hot Harissa! It’s the perfect addition to soups, dips, dressing, or marinades. Here is the Harissa Sauce recipe and a great Harissa Grilled Vegetables Recipe.

Vegan Cheese Sauce

This is the vegan nacho cheese sauce everyone is talking about! So simple and loaded with plant-based goodness. Sweet potato, cauliflower, chickpea water, oat milk, a roasted jalapeño for a kick in the pants (or not, if you can’t take the heat)…seasonings and voila—you got yourself some insane sauce, partner!

Tomato Habanero Jam

This one takes a little bit more effort, but is worth it! It’s more a jam than a sauce and it is an absolute winner with our Vegan Grilled Cheese recipe!

BONUS! We’ve compiled our favourite prepping hacks that we compiled from years working as chefs in professional kitchens. How to peel ginger, a trick to store guacamole, how to make your own garlic oil, and many more!

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