Wicked Kitchen Joins Ahimsa Companies

Wicked Kitchen, along with Good Catch and Current Foods, has joined the Ahimsa Companies! This partnership strengthens our mission to revolutionize the global food system by removing animals from the equation.

“As Ahimsa Companies brings together more brands, it can leverage this strength to help stabilize and shape the new landscape for the plant-based industry,” said Matt Tullman, Group CEO, Ahimsa Companies.

This collaboration allows us to expand to more retailers, enhance food service offerings, and invest in innovation. With Ahimsa, we are ready to scale new heights and shape the future of the plant-based industry!

Wicked in the Wild

Business Superbrands Trade Magazine

Jun. 18, 2024

Carol Ortenberg

Jun. 6, 2024

Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal:

Jun. 4, 2024

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