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If you’re new around here, you may not know that we have a whole *FREE* cooking class series for kids (and big kids), full of plant-pushin’ inspiration and ideas for you to get confident and have fun in the kitchen as a family. As he holidays roll around and while the kiddos are back at school (depending on COVID, of course) we wanted to wrap up some of our favourite recipes by Chef Chad (and his little helpers!) from the class to help keep you organised with the kids’ packed lunches, snacks, and school night din-dins. On top of this – we’ve asked Chad to share his top tips for getting organised to make the kids’ dinners.

Let’s Talk LUNCHES:

It’s important to get a variety of foods in the lil’ ones’ lunch boxes and the fun-factor is key! Find a bunch of quick and easy lunches here that will keep everyone happy:

Vegan Packed Lunches

Nutella and PBnJ

Chef Chad’s Top 3 Back-To-School Plant-Pushin’ Tips for Parents, Guardians, and Carers:

  1. Get organised! Every week, I spend time on Sunday thinking about what my family needs for food. Then I sit down with a list, and I plan out some food for the week that can be eaten as either full dinners (with leftovers for lunches!), grab-and-go snacks, and a healthy sweet treat or after school snack that the kids can grab when they need it. Then I make a list, check out the flyers for what’s on sale at the store, and get shopping.
  2. Get prepping! Once I get home from the store, I wash my veg right away, chop up carrots, celery, etc, get it in containers and get it in the fridge. Then I will throw on the one-pot meal (like a soup or stew) and while that’s cooking, I’ll make a dip, bake a sweet treat, or do whatever else will put me ahead for the week.
  3. Get rid of what you don’t need! Start the week fresh by cleaning out your fridge and making sure you have the containers you need to store the upcoming week’s food. Getting rid of the clutter helps keep you organized and makes it easy for the family to see what has been prepped. This also reduces food waste!

Kids Cooking Class: Snack Time!

Want to whip up some easy snacks at home, instead of buying in? You can get everyone involved in making these delicious tidbits!

Vegan Snacks on the Go:

Vegan Sweets and Treats:

School Night DIN-DIN’S:

Quick, simple, minimum-faff big pot dishes that make mealtimes easy-peasy.

Meatballs and Baked Penne

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Want some more? Find the full Wicked Healthy Kid’s Class series here!

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