Our Best Vegan Christmas Cookies

chocolate hazelnuts shortbread cookies

C is for cookie. And for Christmas. For Chocolate. For crunchy, crispy, and creamy! Who doesn’t love all manner of chocolatey, gooey, soft, and satisfying cookies around the holidays? Put out a plate of Christmas cookies for your mail carrier as a little thank you. Leave a plate on the table for your partner, your kids, or your roommates. Just to surprise them. And, of course, give Santa a plate of cookies on Christmas Eve!

Cookies make great gifts to send through the mail too. Just package them up in a gift box, then secure it in a bigger shipping box. They’re lightweight, so they don’t cost much to ship, and what a rare pleasure to open a mail package and snack on the homemade contents straight away! (Note to self: send cookies to our Wicked Healthy Mom, Bev, whose birthday is on December 6th!)

Maybe you’re the kind of person who hopes and prays that someone else will make a batch of cookies and give them to you. Well, it might be time to flip the script. Go ahead and be that person who gives a few cookies to someone else this year. They’re easy to make, from classic chocolate chip cookies to pumpkin spice snickerdoodles to molasses ginger cookies. You got this. And, of course, you’ll be eating them too! If you want to go all out, try our chocolate hazelnut shortbread swirl cookies, or make a batch of super-decadent chocolate mincemeat truffles. Most of these cookie recipes were developed by our talented friend, Richard Makin (a.k.a. SchoolNightVegan). If you know his work, you know these cookies will be bang on. All 100% vegan and 1000% delicious. Happy Holidays!

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