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Happy Veganuary, folks! We’re coming in strong with 5 of our all-time favourite Veganuary recipes for brand-spanking-new plant-pushers. Crowd-pleasing recipes that’ll fill that belly, get those taste-buds tingling and keep you on the vegan path for life! Once you see how easy it is there’ll be no going back – we know you’ll love life Free. From. Animals! It’s our mission to help you successfully eat plants, whether you’re just beginning your journey, or are a seasoned pro. Kudos to everyone living kind this month and beyond, you rock!


Preparation is key when embarking on any new adventure! Same goes for changing your food habits for the better! We’re big fans of meal prep here at Wicked, it makes everyone’s lives easier. This is one for the meat-lovers – a delicious roast tofu and veg box that’ll go down a treat anytime! If you think Tofu has no flavour, that’s on you buddy! You just need to know how to cook it properly – this is a classic that you can carry through to all your roast dinners.


Pullin’ the hell out of some Oyster Mushrooms and saucin’ them up with a beer-infused, sticky and sweet BBQ sauce for the win. Throw in between toasted squishy buns with crispy potatoes on the side. There’s no missing out on this lifestyle!


Did someone say Taco Tuesday? When we say no missing out on a plant-based diet we mean it! Get your scrambled ‘egg’ fix with a secret ingredient for maximum flavour and texture. Load them up with your favourite toppings and get your 100% plant fuel for the day. Easy when you know how!


Cook-along real-time with Derek! Learn to whip up a big hot steaming bowl of noodles that’s quick, wholesome and tasty for the whole family.


A classic that’s a must for your repertoire! Transform the humble chickpea into a delicious filling for sandwiches and jacket potatoes. Think protein-packed tuna replacement. Get smashin’ those beans and you’re halfway there. Great to always have a bowl of this stashed away in the fridge for snacks and light lunches.

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