Wicked Kitchen Launches Frozen Pizzas And Ready Meals Across US Kroger And Sprouts Stores 

wicked kitchen new frozen meals and pizzas

Things get busy in the Fall. Then the holidays roll around and everyone’s pressed for time. That’s why we just launched our 100% plant-based frozen pizzas and ready meals across the US. The pizzas include Sauce Motz, Wicked Meaty, and Rulebreakin’ Rustic Veg. All hot, crispy & delicious, featuring a hand-stretched sourdough crust and our Nana’s classic red sauce. Perfect for a quick dinner or midnight snack. Same with your new frozen meals. These complete, convenient, veggie-packed meals have been chef-crafted with bold flavors and 100% plant-based protein, including global flavors from Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, and Korea. Dig into Seriously Sriracha Tofu & Rice, Peng Panang Tofu Curry, Naked Burrito, and our Korean Inspired Bowl. All ready to microwave and eat in minutes. All our frozen pizzas are ready meals are now available at 2,200 Kroger and Sprouts stores across the U.S.!

Wicked in the Wild

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