Wicked Healthy Select Shrooms | Spring Edition

Mushrooms as meat. We’re always into it! When we’re not pressing or foraging, we’re checking out what other bloggers are doing with them. Here are some of our favorite #freefromanimals creations we’re loving and that are perfect for fall. The only thing that’s being killed here are shrooms, shrooms and more shrooms!

Thomas over at Full of Plants sauteed, sauced and simmered these shrooms and stuffed them into tacos! Check out his post for the wicked gorgeous finished dish.

Saucy Satay Mushroom Tacos | recipe and photo by Thomas over at Full of Plants

Last but not least is this creamy mushroom risotto by Alissa over at Connoisseurus Veg. Risotto is so easy and Alissa shows how it’s done!

Now we’re starving! Embrace the spring and all of the wicked awesome food that comes with it!

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