Wicked Healthy Father’s Day Event Wrap-Up | BBQ, Brews And Dawgs!

Earlier in June, we celebrated Father’s Day Wicked Healthy-style in Austin with our friends Skull & Cakebonesand Field Roast … check it out!

Thanks to our friends over at Iniosante Studios for capturing the day in this wicked awesome video!

Being close friends and a fan of the folks over at Skull & Cakebones, we wanted to collaborate on an event that would offer something unique for the community on Father’s Day.

Being a parent is one of the most challenging blessings you could ever have and this event was to celebrate all the dads that embody love, compassion, and support for their kids. Mother’s Day is celebrated with events all around town, but rarely is there an event that celebrates the dads as well. There are far too many kids that are raised with one parent and, in many of those cases, the dad may be nonexistent in their children’s life. Taking responsibility as a parent is a commitment of love, dedication, patience, and strength. This should always be celebrated. This also puts us in the role of being that pillar of truth for our kids and being as transparent and honest with them about the food we consume.

Pushing our beliefs onto our kids is not something we try to do, but we will always be as honest as we can with what mainstream society categorizes as “food.” Raising children empowered with the knowledge of where their food comes from and is rooted in compassion opens up a world to them that is not candy-coated is important to us.

So this event was especially important to us! It was a way to celebrate food that’s #freefromanimals, while celebrating Dads that are role models in their lives. What could be better than this delicious, plant-based Chili Cheeze Dog??

In Texas, BBQ and grilling is a cornerstone to the culture. Rarely will someone that is a plant-eater be supported with options at any of the BBQ joints around town. The reasons for this are deeply rooted, but we think that knowing how to manipulate plants to give the satisfaction, taste, texture and comfort many associate with grilling animals isn’t always understood or accepted by the mainstream. We want to help change that!

So offering this plant-forward BBQ was not only great way to offer a different experience to the community to celebrate Dad, but also an opportunity to share the same BBQ fun that is Free. From. Animals. We had more than 250 guests from the community join us for this first event, and we want it to become an annual one!

Special thanks to our friends over at Field Roast!

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