Transforming a Food System & Creating Shifts

Today an article was released claiming to have found alleged trace amounts of animal DNA implicating a couple U.K. retailers and including one of the Wicked Kitchen meals.

Veganuary’s Matthew Glovers response.

Tesco’s own DNA tests, which have been conducted on all the Wicked Kitchen lines have found no traces of animal DNA in any products available in stores today.

These ‘alleged’ claims sound like a lot of shit slinging.

We’re investigating further into how and what has been found because the source refuses to disclose the full report.

To me this news reveals a much bigger question:
Why are we killing animals when we no longer need to?

We’re influencing and creating a massive shift and transformation in a food system that is based on mainstream animal agriculture practices and factory farming.

A food system that has been raising and slaughtering billions of individual animals every year for flesh and serving them as food on a mass scale. A current system proven to have a largely negative effect on the environment and overall health, and that is the reality of today.

It’s now more obvious than ever the effect of this change and the waves we’re creating. An entire industry is noticing this shift, and we’re offering a more compassionate way to eat and conduct business.

We’re more determined than ever to push plants, and as we’ve stated in the past, we’re just getting started. We will continue to encourage all retailers, chefs and producers to offer more plant-based and vegan options, free from animals.

We’re proving there is a different way to prepare food, a more innovative, compassionate way that doesn’t involve the death of countless millions of animals.

We are bringing compassion mainstream.

We’re making shit happen and focusing on plant-centered plate solutions while working within a non-vegan world, and it’s obviously being noticed.

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