Game Day Food! 7 Game-Changing Vegan Sandwiches

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Use your loaf and upgrade your sandwich game with these 6 game-changing classic recipes from our Wicked archives! We believe in keeping things 80:20 – and you’ll find recipes from both sides of the ratio here; some very wicked, some very healthy! Either way, every sandwich you’ll find on out list is made with love and using absolutely no animals whatsoever. So turn on the game this weekend and tuck in!

Game Day Mushroom Steak & Cheese Sandwich

Featuring the famous Sarno mushroom pressing technique, whip up a smash-able spin on the classic steak and cheese sandwich! Fire up your cast iron and get ready to make waves for your next game day feeding frenzy!


THE CLASSIC. Lightlife Smoky Tempeh Strips, creamy avocado, juicy tomato and garlic-kissed sauce! We’re building the perfect TTLA (tempeh-tomato-lettuce-sandwich) and showing you how easy and delicious it is!

Grilled Cheese

Every plant-pusher needs a good grilled cheese recipe up their sleeve. This is a 2.0 version with a kick! The tomato habanero jam adds the perfect balance of sweet and spice to this awesome sandwich.

Grilled PB And Raspberry Jelly

PB and J, Triple X adult style. Send the kids in the other room folks cause it’s getting hot in here.

Leftover Sandy

We don’t do waste in our Wicked kitchen! After a big roast dinner, leftovers can make a wicked awesome meal the next day! We’re toasting up some bread with a plant-based butter + garlic spread, layering it with mashed potatoes, Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast, cranberries, gravy and shaved Brussels sprouts to make the sandwich of your dreams.

BBQ Pink Oyster Mushroom Sandwich

This mind-blowing technique is one for the record books. Pan-pressed pink oysters, sticky BBQ sauce and more Sriracha than you can shake a stick at. Served between squishy buns. Yes please!

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Remember those chicken salad sandwiches you used to love? Well, you know by now that we love to re-create and transform an old favourite and this is no exception. We’re subbing chicken for the humble chickpea (garbanzo bean) to create a Wicked kick-ass meal in under 10 mins. You = belly full. Chickens = free to roam and live a good life!

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The Bad-Ass Breakfast Sandwich!

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