3 Ways With King Oyster Mushrooms


Welcome to MUSHROOM WEEK! A week-long Mushroom extravaganza, where we will be posting a new and exciting way to cook with mushrooms on the blog every day this week.

If you know us here at Wicked, you know we have a thing for the mighty King Oyster Mushroom, also known as the ‘Eryngii’! On our quest to make mushrooms the new meat, we’ve summarised our top 3 go-to uses for this wonderful ‘shroom. Think of these as the basic techniques to keep in your arsenal – feel free to dream up new flavour combinations and ideas, but if you need that little bit of extra support, keep checking back this week! Not only will we be bringing you our best King Oyster ‘shrooms, but we’ll also showcase some magical dishes you can whip up with Cluster Browns too.

Technique 1: Scallops

Who says you can’t re-create your favourite seafood dishes when you choose the plant-based way? With a similar ‘mouth-feel’ and composition, King Oyster medallions, when scored and fried, are a 10/10 cruelty-free alternative to the scallop!


Technique 2: Skewers

Stick ‘em up! It’s so simple to make your own meaty skewers out of these versatile mushrooms, a few steps and you’re done!


Technique 3: Shreds

Tender, saucy, crispy! 3 words to describe the delicious shredded “pulled” texture that you can re-create with King Oyster ‘shrooms! Getting creative with these shreds is key. Throw them in a sandwich, pile up with your roast, or toss into a faux chicken noodle soup.


Now you know the basics! Which will you try first? We’re big here on advocating for a diet that causes no harm to animals and are thrilled that ‘shrooms can mimic so many textures that people are used to from a non-vegan diet. Times are changing and so must we! So stay tuned this week to discover the rest of the magic we’ll be creating with our favourite fungi!

For the UK folk, you can grab these shrooms at Tesco stores throughout the country – check this handy store finder: TESCO Store Finder. If you live further afield, check your local farmer’s markets and Asian stores!

Want more cooking know-how and to help the animals of Australia? Check out cookwickedhealthy.com for online cooking workshops with Wicked. All proceeds go to the Australian Wildlife Rescue Fund WIRES.ORG.AU.

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