Wicked Stacked Chilimanjaro


Chilimanjaro is a dormant volcano of molten chili goodness stacked with layers of your favorite toppings, ready to be your perfect on-the-go lunch. It pretty much needed to be named after everyone’s favorite old volcano in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, right?


When we make chili, we like to make a lot. It always comes together in a huge crock pot or in a giant stock pot over the stove. Plenty for now, plenty for later. We also like our chili to be wicked simple and straightforward. That’s why some of our crowd-favorite chilis are one pot, ‘set it and forget it’ kind of recipes.


This is less of a recipe and more of a use-up-what-you’ve-got method. You can make your own components or buy them pre-packaged. We almost always endorse making things yourself, but realize that not everyone has the time or energy for that. This method gives options for both!

Step one: Check out your fridge situation. What do you have to draw from there? Brown rice, quinoa, millet? That’s your bottom layer. Get out a mason jar and start piling up the goodies.

Step two: Layer on our Cauliflower-Vegetable Bean Chili, Smokey 3-Bean Chili, or whatever veggie chili you have on hand or like best.


Step three: Add your favorite plant-based cheese. We like Follow Your Heart’s Fiesta Blend Shreds, but our Green Chile Cashew Queso would work here too!

Step four: Onions. We like using red and green, but that’s up to you.


Step five: Kite Hill brand plain, unsweetened yogurt or Cashew Sour Cream. A healthy dollop.

Step six: Last but not least … hot sauce! Ninja Squirrel always works, but this collection will also light your fire.


Either heat it and eat it right now, or take it with you for reheating later. Chilimanjaro is a great way to get the most mileage out of your chili: it’s wicked simple, wicked fast, and makes for a filling, hearty meal on the go.

If you still have leftover chili, may we suggest making these loaded baked potatoes?!

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