Vegan BBQ – Veg Focused

vegan bbq

3 different veg. 3 different sauces. It may be quarantine, but it’s bbq season – so let’s get grillin’!

Here are some Wicked guidelines to help create a 10/10 BBQ experience!
Grill time flavors to get things popping.


Start here: How to prepare and break down Aubergine/Eggplant into fillets:

We used Sweet Chili and BBQ sauce (not together!). Anything goes! Browse our range of Wicked Kitchen sauces here – they make kick-ass marinades!


Start here: Break down a Butternut Squash: for veg style loins, steaks and fillets:

Cut into thick slices and coat each flat side with BBQ Rub.


Start here: HOTBOX Whole Head Cabbages: for the best cabbage steaks ever:

Slice into steaks and coat each flat side with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Hoisin sauce, or rub in a BBQ Rub.

Fire up the grill! Layer on your veggies (including some whole Jalapenos for an extra kick)! Flip over, add more sauce on each side, freestyle – this is your BBQ!

Arrange cooked veggies on a large pan to create a classic Wicked-style platter of goodness.

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