Smashed Vegan Cheesy Potatoes

vegan cheesy potatoes

This is a firm favourite for family brunch-times! These vegan cheesy potatoes are easy like a Sunday morning and damn delicious comfort food that you’ll be serving up for years to come. Truffle powder is the secret ingredient here, but of course optional. Join Chad and his daughter and cook along (warning: dad jokes lie ahead).

Bonus: we share a super-simple tip that helps you re-create a cheesy, melty texture that all vegans look for!


  • 2 T olive oil
  • 1 lb baby potatoes, par cooked
  • Fresh black pepper
  • 1-2 t flaked sea salt
  • Truffle powder (optional)
  • Handful of vegan cheese, shredded
  • Fresh parsley, leaves picked to garnish


  1. Par cook the potatoes, rinse and cool. Set aside or use for a recipe during the week.
  2. Smash par-cooked potatoes with a fork, so that the skin is broken, but most of the potato is intact.
  3. Heat up a cast iron pan over a medium-high heat, add olive oil to the pan and place in the potatoes. Let the potatoes sit and crisp up for 3-4 minutes. Flip. Sprinkle sea salt, pepper and truffle powder. Cover with shredded cheese.
  4. Turn heat off. To melt the cheese, pour a shot of water into the pan and cover until cheese has melted. Remove cover and serve up, top with fresh parsley.


Brunch is served! Perfect side, or great component in tacos.

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