Just heat and eat

At Wicked Kitchen, we don’t play by the rules. Food should be fun! That’s why we baked some pizzas for ya and put them on special at your local Kroger store. We’re talking complete, convenient, delicious meals that are 100% plant-based! Our chefs craft every meal with bold flavors, healthy veg, and good-for-you protein. Just heat and indulge. Our cheese pizzas are completely dairy-free with decadent flavor combos like Wicked Meaty, Saucy Motz and Rulebreakin’ Rustic Veg. All ready to eat in minutes! 

Now on special at 2,200 Kroger stores across the U.S.!

Quick & Delicious Plant-based pizzas

Indulge in a flavor-loaded pizza today and save $2 when you buy 3 or more. Find them in the frozen aisle at your local Kroger store. Then heat and eat! 

the wicked meaty pizza

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