endless possibilities

Here are some ways you can cook up our 100% plant-based meat alternatives for your guests, demonstrated by the founders. Adding these plant-based options to your offerings will have guests lining up for seconds. 

Jalapeño Burger Seared

Jalapeño Burger Grilled

Jalapeño Burger Grilled & Seared

Meatballs Seared

Meatballs Grilled & Seared

Meatballs Fried

Chorizo Grilled

Chorizo Seared

Chorizo Grilled & Seared

The Wicked Meaty Pizza

The Saucy Motz Pizza

Classic Salmon Burger Fried

New England Crab Cakes Fried

Breaded Fillet

Breaded Crab Cake

Classic Salmon Burger Grilled

New England Crab Cake on Flattop

Breaded Crab Cakes on Flattop

Breaded Fillet Baked

Breaded Crab Cakes Baked

Breaded Fillet on Flattop

Classic Salmon Burger on Flattop

Berry White Sticks

chocolate almond stick

Chocolate Almond Sticks

Chocolate Red Berry Cones

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