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woman's day hero

We can’t let the week of International Women’s Day pass us by without shouting out some of the greatest on the scene! We’re full of admiration for all these Wicked women doing big things for animals, whether that’s in food, health, education, activism, or anti-poaching! Celebrating women deserves more than just done day and we intend to uplift and spotlight fantastic vegan women, from all corners of the earth, on our platforms!

Tabitha Brown

wicked women tabitha brown

Leah Garces


Sara, Shisodelicious

Lauren Ornelas, Food Empowerment Project

Genesis Butler

Monami Frost

Sergeant Nyaradzo Hoto

Dr Gemma Newman

Jasmin Singer

Joanne Molinaro

Amy Levin

Kris Carr

Lauren Toyota

Michelle Cehn

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Roxy, So Vegan

Serena Lee Chua

Nikki, Rebel Recipes

Bettina, Bettina’s Kitchen

Evanna Lynch

Momoko Hill

Jasmine Harman

Toni Vernelli

Kate Fowler

Bianca Taylor

Alicia Wilks

Wicked Women.

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