Wicked Healthy and The Game Changers Movie Premieres

The Game Changers film hit theaters globally September 16th, followed by launching on iTunes on October 1st and October 16th for its anticipated Netflix launch, and we were honored to take part in this incredible launch events by catering both red carpet events in Hollywood and NYC back to back. What a friggin great week it was!

Sarno Brothers
Chefs at Gamechangers

It is always great getting the Sarno brothers together to pull off an event like this. All 3 of us and couple other of our chef colleagues worked our asses off in the kitchens, doing what we know best, cookin’ up some of our classics and new favorites for some of the world’s best plant-powered athletes, vegan health professionals and VIPs who were featured in the movie. Be sure to check out the featured menus below.

We know how much sh*t men can get for following this lifestyle and it’s so friggin awesome to see how the paradigm is starting to shift, thanks to messages like what’s featured in The Game Changers movie. This film will cause some serious ripples, and with those ripples will be the challenges that make people step up. You can not deny the science, and this film highlights that. Busting through all the sh*t the media has fed us for years and uncovering the truth about plant-based nutrition – we’re here for it!

We knew these premieres would attract a ton of folks that are being exposed to the plant-based diet for the first time, and many of them in the fitness community, so we knew we needed to build a menu that would not only impress on taste but deliver maximum comfort, flavor and culinary experience. We also highlighted some of our favorite products on the market, like a variety of innovative plant-based cheeses. We showcased over a dozen of our favorite bite-sized appetizers on the menu, with some of the highlights being Edamame Truffled Dumplings, King Mushroom Satay with Almond Ginger Sauce, Chipotle Sausage and Gouda Cigars with Lime Creme Fraiche, and the favorite Wicked Sliders with Charred Burger, Tomato Jam, Boursin and Arugula.

If you haven’t seen the The Game Changers movie yet, you’re missing out! The title of the movie says it all and it’s as inspiring for a couch potato as it is for an Olympic athlete. This film will push some serious change globally, and it could not be a better time! We learned new things that made us even more proud to support our plant-based mission! We know not everyone is well informed yet regarding sustainable compassionate animal agriculture, or ecology, but some parts of the film are so shocking that any non-vegan watching it will feel encouraged to re-consider their dietary choices after (especially the men – if you’ve seen it you know what we’re saying!)

Such great events and we are seriously honoured to be doing what we do best – cooking plants and doing what we can to show everyone there is absolutely no need to consume animals. An absolute pleasure to be part of this awesome film. Check it out on iTunes to download today!

Buy The Game Changers here.

The Game Changers launched on Netflix on October 16th 2019.

If you want to explore a ton of athlete approved recipes that are packed with protein, and lower in fats, head here, where you’ll find plenty of Wicked treats, meals and sides to fuel your life: https://gamechangersmovie.com/food/recipes/

Here are some more photos that capture the events. Enjoy!

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