British (Plant-Based Snack) Invasion!

Wicked Kitchen Foods are excited to announce its newest range of tasty plant-based snacks launching into Tesco stores across the UK this week!​

The new products take Wicked Kitchen into new categories within store and include some scrumptious snacking items along with a range of morish sweet treats perfect for a mid afternoon (or any time) pick me up!

The new product line up consists of:


Wicked Chipotle Spiced Crackers: Flavourful and spicy, thin, crispy crackers with a kick of cayenne and nutritional yeast. Great for dipping and spreading! 150g; £1.59.

Wicked Sourdough Charcoal & Sesame Crackers: Char-goals! Dark, distinct, thin and crispy rye sourdough flatbreads with sesame seeds. Great for Insta-worthy sharing platters! 150g; £1.59.

wicked kitchen sourdough charcoal crackers plant based snack


Wicked Cool Triangles: A sour dream! Crunchy potato and Spinach triangle shaped snacks with a spicy sour cream flavour seasoning. 85g; £1.00.

Wicked Salt & Vinegar Squares: It’s hip to be square! Crunchy lentil and potato square shaped snacks seasoned with salt and vinegar. 85g; £1.00.

Wicked Pepper’d Cashews: Crunchy cashews with a luxurious, savoury red & black pepper seasoning & a crispy quinoa coating. 100g; £2.00.

Wicked Cocoa & Chia Seed Cashews: Hand tumbled cashews in a luxurious cocoa, sugar seasoning. Finished with a chia seed coating. 100g; £2.00.

Wicked Holy Smoky Party Mix: Corn, peas, soya beans, almonds & cashews tumbled in a smoked paprika & cheese flavour seasoning. 120g; £2.00.

Wicked Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Mix: Sweet ‘n Spicy Mix. A mildly spiced mix of roasted broad beans, soya beans, almond & cashews. Street food in snack form! 120g; £2.00.

Wicked Kitchen Sea Salt & Pepper Pretzel Thins: New York inspired! Baked, crunchy, vegan bagel pretzel shapes. 120g; £1.00.

Wicked Kitchen BBQ Baked Pretzel Grills: Grill Power! Baked pretzel style snacks seasoned with a BBQ smoky bacon flavour seasoning. 120g; £1.00.

wicked kitchen bbq baked pretzel plant based snacks
sweet and spicy plant based snack mix


Wicked Outrageously Orange & Chocolate Cookies: Orange you glad! Chunky cookies with rich chocolate drops and zesty orange pieces. 500g, £1.25.

Wicked Double Trouble Chocolate Cookies: Double chocolate! Chunky chocolate cookies with rich dark chocolate chips. 500g, £1.25.

Wicked Jazzy Jam Filled Cookies: Now we’re jammin’! Indulgent plant-based shortcake biscuits sandwiched with sticky, jammy raspberry flavour apple jam filling! 450g, £0.70.

For more Wicked Kitchen sweets, check out our plant-based dessert recipes!

wicked kitchen jazzy jam filled plant based snack biscuits

Find All These Plant-Based Snack Products In The Snacking Aisles Of Your Local Tesco Store!

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