Our Best Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

potato wellington turkey gravy

Pumpkins, cranberries, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes…most Thanksgiving menus are full of amazing plant-based foods. Need some recipes? We’ve got reliable ones for all those Thanksgiving classics plus a few showstopping main dishes like Potato Wellington with “Turkey” Gravy.

All plant-based. All delicious!

At heart, Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the bounty of the harvest and sharing a beautiful meal with those you love. It may have started in the US, but similar autumn celebrations occur in the UK, Brazil, and Australia. Even in the US, the holiday has become much more diverse, going beyond that mythical meal between colonists and Native Americans. Some folks celebrate Friendsgiving. Some vegans celebrate Plantsgiving.

No matter how you celebrate, don’t be afraid to mix up your menu. It’s perfectly appropriate to serve curried squash or cranberry chutney or other fall harvest foods with diverse international flavors. And, of course, plant-based options should be at the center of the plate. We at Wicked are especially thankful for the power of plant foods to heal not only our bodies but our planet, too. Plus, they taste and look amazing on a holiday table. Here are some of our favorites!

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